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Dear Alumni Community,

Since the arrival of COVID-19, everyone, including those within the alumni community, have felt the negative effects of this virus. The precautions of our government as well of the physical effects of the virus has impacted many of us socially, mentally, and financially. With this in mind, the members of the Alumni Association would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to those that are having an especially difficult financial and physical hardship during this time period.

In addition to those of us within the community who have been affected, we also have been thinking a lot of the effects of this virus on the graduating seniors of RMSST. As you are fully aware, these students have had and will have monumental (and sometimes defining) moments of their life moved onto virtual settings or completely canceled. Furthermore, for those who may be attending college in the Fall, it is yet to be decided for a number of institutions whether they will be accepting students on campuses for the start of the fall semester.

With this in mind, the Alumni Association would like to ask alumni, who are financially able, to consider contributing to three scholarship opportunities for graduating seniors:

•       The Alumni Bulldog Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded annually to a student who exhibits extraordinary leadership skills and community service.

•       The Gedeion Addisu Memorial Scholarship (GAMS): This scholarship is aimed toward high achieving first generation american high school graduates.

•       The Debra Russell Heart Award: This award is aimed toward the ‘best overall student’ who may not be the highest achieving scholastically, but has consistently embodied the values of compassion and kindness toward their classmates and faculty of RMSST.

With the shift in this GoFundme to focus on scholarship fundraising for the graduating magnet seniors, we ask that when you are making your donation, that you comment on how you would like the funds allocated (i.e. Bulldog Scholarship, Russell, or GAMS). With the Magnet Banquet occurring on June 22nd this year, we are closing the scholarship fundraising round on June 10th. Thanks in advance for continued support for this year's graduating seniors.



The Alumni Association