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RMSST Mission Statement

The mission of the Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology, a specialized research-focused learning community, is to foster and produce students who think ethically, critically, and independently while excelling in competitive academic environments and demonstrating high standards and expectations distinguished by:

  • Rigorous, accelerated curriculum with real-world and global experiences
  • Student-driven scientific research
  • Opportunities to evaluate and apply technology in a variety of settings
  • Instruction in professionalism, digital citizenship, and academic integrity
  • Personalized academic support and advisement
  • Collaboration with STEM-focused institutions and industries, including the College of Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Extracurricular academic, leadership, service, and international opportunities
  • Dedicated family and community involvement
  • Access to all programs and opportunities available at Rockdale County High School

RCPS is in pursuit of world-class learning and at RMSST we are preparing our students to be global STEM leaders of accelerated change! 

The vision of RCPS is to be a world-class learning community where all students graduate college or career ready in a progressive and interconnected society.

The mission of RCPS is to ensure student success for all through a world-class education with advanced opportunities and personalized support.

This image highlights the many accomplishments of our students, our alumni, and our program in general.