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Magnet Counselors:
Ms. Jennifer Harris [email protected]
Ms. Myrissa Lindsey [email protected]
Supporting students every step of the way

College and Post-secondary Planning

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Our goal is to provide a comprehensive counseling program that ensures the academic, personal, social and career success of RMSST students. It's important that we empower students to become independent, productive, healthy individuals.

Our counseling services help students grow personally and socially in:

  • Developing self-knowledge.

  • Making effective decisions.

  • Developing relationship skills.

  • Making healthy choices.

  • Resolving conflicts.

Our counseling services assist students in educational planning by:

  • Setting, reflecting, and reaching goals.

  • Developing a positive attitude toward learning.

  • Understanding individual learning styles.

  • Developing an educational plan.

  • Providing academic advising.

  • Improving study and test-taking skills.

  • Recognizing and utilizing academic strengths.

Our counseling services help students become college and career ready by:

  • Exploring college and career opportunities.

  • Developing skills in college and career decision-making.

  • Analyzing the interrelationships of interests and abilities.

  • Understanding college and career readiness.

  • Using college and career planning tools to determine postsecondary options.