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Student Services

Whether you are looking for help with papers, exam preparation or time management, RMSST offers a wide range of support to help students succeed in their academic work. Below you can find when and where to seek assistance.

Extended Study Hall

To continue our efforts to better support students, our faculty members have developed a plan for
Extended Study Hall on Tuesday evenings following our teacher tutorials to be held weekly from 4:30-6pm.  Students can stay after school with their teacher for Tuesday tutorial and then work under the 
supervision of two teachers each week in the Learning Commons. A snack will be provided for students at 5 pm each evening. Students can work independently on assignments, get help from the study hall teachers, or work in study groups. Our hope is this will encourage more students to stay for the tutorial as they now have until 6 pm to be picked up from school. 

Click Extended Study Hall.pdf for more information.