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Student Life

At Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology the opportunities for students to explore their interests abound.  Beyond the traditional classroom, students have countless avenues to explore new interests, connect with others and build community in ways that challenge and support them on their academic journey.


Dozens of clubs, projects and field trips provide interesting experiences for students at each grade level. Below you can find a few of our expeditions.

9th Grade:

  • Summer Adventure with the University of Georgia


10th Grade:

  • Sophomore ODYSSEY


11th Grade:

  • Atlanta university college tour
  • Japan Super Science Fair


12th Grade:

  • Atlanta university college tour
  • China Science Fair Exchange


Want to learn more about RMSST student life click here.



Hear what students have to say about our school.

"RMSST is the perfect place to showcase your intelligence"
- Dellis McCalla Freshman

"Magnet is an incredible school to meet like minded individuals"
- Janae Inniss Freshman

"Magnet is a great place to cultivate your natural talents into extraordinary skills. I highly advise 8th graders to attend this school, to take your talents to the next level"
- Morgan Gill Freshman

"I feel like Magnet really has helped me to transition from  middle school to high school. Being in a school with like minded people helps me so that I can ensure my success. Everyone is so united and helpful, that it would be hard to feel out of place at such a prestigious school"
- Elizabeth Huynh Freshman

"I think Magnet has opened so many doors for me, giving me different opportunities to expand my leadership skills as well as expand my knowledge in a variety of subjects. Teachers at magnet are always willing to provide you with resources and help if you ever have any questions. They are dedicated to student success and go beyond the extra mile to help students meet their goals" 

- Olivia Johnson Junior