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Eligibility and Selection Process

Click here for PDF of 2016-17 RMSST Eligibility and Selection Process.

Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology (RMSST) is a public high school (9th - 12th grades) designed for students who are curious about the scientific world, love to solve problems, seek a challenging academic environment, and can work independently, as well as in a group setting.

Eighth grade students must meet eligibility requirements to submit an application. Enrollment is based on a multi-criteria selection process.​


1. Resident of Rockdale County (if moving into Rockdale County, residency must be established prior to enrollment if selected).

2. Rockdale County Public School 8th grade students: 
    A. 7th grade ITBS composite percentile of 50% or higher.
    B. 7th grade Math or Science Milestone Subject Score of 550 or higher.

3. Private or Home-school 8th grade students:
    A. Enrolled in Algebra 1 or Geometry.


The application process begins in September when letters are mailed to all eligible 8th grade RCPS students. RMSST students, teachers, and administrators will share information about the school during eligible 8th grade student visits to campus in October. Eligible students are requested to take the PSAT at their middle school in October. In November, parents and students are invited to attend an 8th Grade Informational Session to learn more about this opportunity.  Applications and $20 application/testing fee are due in December. See the timeline on the RMSST website for more details about dates, times and locations.

Click here for PDF of 2016-17 RMSST Eligibility and Selection Process.

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